India’s premier & pioneer association of food processors by the food processors and for the food processors


The prime objectives of the Association include the following:-

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  1. To promote, encourage and support Indian Food Processing Industries and raise the technical standards, product quality and safety to match global standards.
  2. To actively participate in evolving quality standards & safety measures under the Food Safety and Standards Act-2006.
  3. To seek redressal of the problems of the food industry that impedes their growth and development.
  4. To conduct Workshops & Training Programmes to acquaint about GMP, GHP & HACCP and new Technological Developments etc. and also organise National/International Seminars.
  5. To collect, classify and circulate statistics and other information relating to production of agri-horti produce, production of processed foods in India and agri-food exports from India.
  6. To encourage research projects to study technical problems relating to the Industry.
  7. To conduct and promote market research/market studies in India and abroad on processed food products.
  8. To institute Awards and Scholarships to encourage Food Scientists and Technologists, administrators, consultants and executives who help in the growth and development of the Food Processing Industries in India.
  9. To publish a bimonthly technical Journal i.e. “Indian Food Packer†and monthly “E-Newsletter†as a non-profit activity, which aims to keep the food processing units abreast of the latest worldwide developments in Food Processing, new product & processes, additives, research programmes, regulatory issues etc.

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