Varun Beverages will produce “Kurkure Puffcorn.”

Varun Beverages recently stated that the company’s board of directors authorised a proposal to enter into a deal with PepsiCo India Holdings Private Limited to manufacture ‘Kurkure Puffcorn’ as part of their network of co-packers.

PepsiCo India manufactures and markets Kurkure, a brand of crispy puff composed of rice, lentils, and maize.

Varun Beverages is a major participant in the beverage business and one of PepsiCo’s largest franchisees in the globe (outside the USA). The firm manufactures and sells a wide variety of carbonated soft drinks (CSDs) as well as a wide variety of non-carbonated beverages (NCBs), including bottled drinking water offered under PepsiCo brands.

Varun Beverages has received franchises for several PepsiCo products in 27 Indian states and 7 Union Territories as of today. India is the largest market, accounting for almost 75% of revenue from operations (net) in fiscal 2021. VBL has also been given the franchise for a number of PepsiCo goods in Nepal, Sri Lanka, Morocco, Zambia, and Zimbabwe.

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