Japan’s finest green tea ‘Ocha’ by ‘Shizuru’ now in India

Japan’s green tea or ‘Ocha’ as it is referred to locally, is loved across the world for its restorative qualities. Now, EIJ Consulting Pvt. Ltd., is bringing Shizuru’s ‘Ocha’ green tea to India in three distinct flavours — Sencha, Genmaicha and Gyokuro. Indian green tea aficionados can buy their favourite flavours from Shizuru’s official website.

Shizuru sources ‘Ocha’ from Japan’s top tea estates, including the famous ‘Kakegawa Estate’, which is noted for its steamed green tea and produces some of the best teas in the world because it boasts the perfect climate and soil for growing green tea.

EIJ Consulting Pvt. Ltd. will market the tea in India in partnership with importer Mittal Teas, and will also familiarise Indians with Japan’s rich tea culture while acquainting them with the green tea’s rich and soothing flavours that are infused with multiple health benefits.

“Green tea has a unique 1200-year history in Japan and is known for its restorative, antioxidant benefits across the world. We cannot wait for our Indian consumers to experience the different flavours of ‘Ocha’ and learn more about its distinct tastes and benefits. We will first launch three flavours here and then add on more shortly. We also plan to bring the authentic ‘Matcha’ flavour to India very soon. For now, we are spreading the word through taste-marketing at restaurants and specialised events,” said Mr. Yosuke Shibata, CEO, EIJ Consulting Pvt. Ltd.

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