Britannia Industries revamps its largest selling biscuit brand Good Day, brings more variants

Britannia Industries has overhauled its largest selling biscuit brand Good Day and as part of that, revealed its new identity. Also, Britannia is also intensifying the product portfolio of its most penetrated brand Good Day by adding three more variants in the premium segment.

Launched in 1987, Good Day now contributes around one-fourth of the revenue of Britannia Industries, which had total revenue from operations of Rs 12,378.83 crore in 2020-21.

Britannia is going to launch Good Day Harmony and two other variants in the premium segment, as it has been growing fast after the pandemic. The all-new Good Day biscuit design will sport different kinds of smiles – from the dimpled smile to the small smile, from the big smile to the double dimpled smiles.

 “Within 15 days, we will launch a variety Good Day Harmony, which will be much larger cookies with four types of nuts. Then, we are looking at two more varieties coming through in the next three months, yet there are no plans to extend brand Good Day beyond cookies as of now”, said Managing Director Varun Berry.

According to Berry, larger consumption of Good Day comes from the urban market, which has a larger potential for the brand. Britannia sells around 42 crore packs per month in different stock keeping units (SKUs). Britannia holds overall around 70 per cent market share in the premium cookie segment, he added.

 “Our shares in the urban area will be over 80 per cent and share in the rural area would be sub-50 per cent and there is a tremendous potential to grow”, Berry said.

The new positioning for Good Day is the rich and varied smiles of India, which has faced tougher times, he said. The core idea of Good Day has always been about spreading happiness. Today, the brand has undergone its biggest makeover to date, to reflect the diverse smiles of India.

“Every pack of Good Day across the country will carry multiple smiles as part of the biscuit design. This is the biggest tribute we can pay to the beautiful smiles of the large and loyal consumer base of Good Day,” he said.

Britannia has rolled out a high-decibel media plan to announce its new identity for Good Day across all platforms. Beyond the boundaries of the country, Good Day biscuits are also sold in around 75 countries and Britannia has plans to expand it further also. Besides India, Britannia has manufacturing facilities in Nepal, Oman, Dubai and Egypt. It is also putting up a new facility in Uganda in Africa.

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