India’s premier & pioneer association of food processors by the food processors and for the food processors

All India Food Processors' Association (AIFPA)

All India Food Processors' Association (AIFPA) was established in the year 1943 by visionaries who pioneered the Food Processing Industry in India that too in the most turbulent period of World War-II and the Indian Freedom Struggle. They perceived the need for scientific management of the vast panorama of Agro-Food Sector, with an emphatic focus on the development, promotion and establishment of Food Processing Industries in the country.

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Mission of AIFPA

The prime objectives of the Association include the following:-

  • To promote, encourage and support Indian Food Processing Industries and raise the technical standards, product quality and safety to match global standards.

  • To actively participate in evolving quality standards & safety measures under the Food Safety and Standards Act-2006.

  • To seek redressal of the problems of the food industry that impedes their growth and development.

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