For every dictionary include connection arguments to have confirmed server regarding failover sequence

For every dictionary include connection arguments to have confirmed server regarding failover sequence

Union Pooling

With both the pond_identity or pool_size argument establish, Connector/Python brings new pool. In the event the pool_identity conflict is not given, the fresh new hook() call instantly creates title, composed away from any of one’s machine , vent , associate , and you can databases partnership arguments are provided, in this buy. In case the pool_dimensions conflict isn’t given, this new standard dimensions are 5 relationships.

The fresh new pond_reset_class permits control of if or not training parameters try reset if relationship was gone back to this new pool. The latest default should be to reset them.

Protocol Compression

The latest boolean compress dispute implies whether or not to use the compressed client/server method (standard Untrue ). This provides you with a less complicated replacement means the new ClientFlagPRESS flag. That it dispute is obtainable at the time of Connector/Python step 1.step one.2.

Converter Category

Brand new converter_class argument requires a course and you can establishes they whenever configuring this new relationship. An AttributeError is actually raised in the event the custom converter class is not an excellent subclass out of conversion.MySQLConverterBase .

Machine Failover

The fresh new hook up() method allows an effective failover dispute that provide advice to use for machine failover in the eventuality of partnership problems. The latest argument really worth was good tuple or directory of dictionaries (tuple is recommended because it’s nonmutable). Enabled dictionary values are: affiliate , password , servers , vent , unix_outlet , database , pool_identity , pool_size . That it failover solution is added inside Connector/Python step 1.dos.1.

Solution File Help

option_data : And therefore option files to see. The benefits would be a document roadway identity (a sequence) otherwise a series from roadway name chain. Automatically, Connector/Python checks out no alternative records, which means this dispute have to be provided explicitly result in alternative records are realize. Documents is actually read inside the order specified.

option_organizations : And this groups to see of solution data, when the option data is read. The importance are going to be an option group name (a series) or a sequence out of class title chain. Whether it conflict isn’t considering, the fresh default really worth is [‘client’, ‘connector_python’] to read through new [client] and you will [connector_python] communities.

Stream Analysis Local INFILE

Prior to Connector/Python dos.0.0, allow entry to Load Research Regional INFILE , subscribers needed to explicitly put the fresh ClientFlag.LOCAL_Data banner. At the time of dos.0.0, that it banner try allowed by default. In order to disable it, the new allow_local_infile commitment alternative are going to be set to Not the case in the hook up date (the fresh default is true ).

Compatibitility together with other Union Connects

passwd , db and you can link_timeout are legitimate getting being compatible with other MySQL connects and they are respectively like password , database and you may commitment_timeout . The latter grab precedence. Data source label syntax or dsn is not made use of; in the event the specified, it increases an effective NotSupportedError exception.

Client/Host Process Execution

Connector/Python can use a sheer Python program so you’re able to MySQL, otherwise a c Extension that utilizes the fresh MySQL C consumer library. The use_pure mysql.connector.connect() union disagreement identifies hence. The brand new default altered within the Connector/Python 8 away from True (utilize the absolute Python execution) to Not the case . Form use_pure alter brand new implementation used.

The utilization_absolute argument can be found as of Connector/Python 2.1.step 1. To find out more concerning C expansion, see Section 8, The newest Connector/Python C Extension.

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