The loss says to build he utilizes an appreciate potion called “trendy cool Medina” that makes female love your

The loss says to build he utilizes an appreciate potion called “trendy cool Medina” that makes female love your

Lest we get as well trapped when you look at the lyrics on the track, why don’t we keep in mind the heavier respiration across the music, the Foreigner trial, in addition to part where Tone claims “break it all the way down” and practically nothing occurs. There may be cowbell involved.

I would like to expound my opinion on precisely why build Loc’s “trendy colder Medina” is one of the finest tracks ever made.

The song starts with Tone in a bar failing woefully to hook-up. He sees that some loser is getting many women.

What is the very first thing Tone do if this stranger provides him this great fancy potion? Tone gets they to their dog. The dog then humps Tone’s lower body. This might never be my personal first selection for using the appreciate concoction.

In verse 3, build makes use of the Medina with an appealing woman the guy satisfies at a pub that actually is a guy in pull. Contrast this to present hip-hop music: hip hop artists these days boast about precisely how lots of women they rest with, and listed here is build proclaiming that the guy found a guy in pull attractive.

The guy doesn’t go to the strip dance club or even to the college library, the guy continues a game title tv series where he will see ONE lady. He requires his day towards the Hilton.

Despite being in ownership with this great really love potion that draws people to him, build subsequently decides to continue appreciation link in verse 4

His big date after that starts talking about creating a marriage with Tone, apparently considering that the Medina got a touch too stronger. Tone asserted that she relocated too fast so he ditched the girl.

Today, i might believe that he’d have had gender with all the girl just who talks about the wedding. The track is about build’s failure to copulate, why wouldn’t the guy capture her to a room and possess gender with her? is not that the just reason why people discuss wedding tactics in any event?

At the end of the tune, i am however puzzled on that is likely to drink the Medina. The man which provides Medina to build states that the Medina should go “in your own cup;” this isn’t a track about sliding medication to ladies. But when Tone gets it to their canine, canine humps Tone’s lower body. Won’t giving the Medina towards the dog create build wanna hump the dog?

Let us evaluate. Build will get magical prefer potion, makes use of they with (1) his dog, (2) a guy in pull, and (3) an eager girl that he ditches. For the Hilton.

Lest we obtain also involved from inside the lyrics of the song, permit us to remember the heavier respiration within the audio, the Foreigner sample, additionally the parts where Tone says “break they straight down” and next to nothing takes place. So there are cowbell present.


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an unit walked by. They seemed like an unusual location for a model, but some more walked by.

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